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"I come from a proud family of blue collar workers, as far back as I can remember. With nearly two decades of government experience, I want to work for you. We need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, and make public safety - especially getting guns off the streets, a top priority. With nearly two decades of government experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done."
Gun Violence Prevention

Background checks on everyone who purchases a gun. There needs to be a more comprehensive check on gun owners

current or new in America. Also, the sell of firearms should be solely purchased by individuals of 21 years of age; whereso

the State Legislation would enact to create safer gun control protocols. It should not be as easy as having $250 to

purchase a shotgun or rifle at the age of 18 in your local Walmart, Meijer, or Sporting Goods store. Penalty:

Fine all gun dealers or revoke there licenses to sell guns.

Climate Change

Climate change and global warming is a critical issue in terms of our ecosystem and life. We must come up with a

solution that will reduce carbon emissions and other toxins released into the air that is causing climate issues throughout

this country, and the world.

Education Reform & Affordable College

Fight for increased pay for teachers and quality funding for students. Reforming the educational system as a whole is

needed in today's society. Teachers surely deserve more money. However, these parameters are based on certain

criteria, formal training, class sizes, and governmental funding, etc. In order to make real reform, you must first

start with the neighborhood paradigm. Thus, changing the guidelines as a whole on how funding is distributed. As it

stands it relies on property values, income, test scores, attendance, and others. In terms of Affordable College, the price

to attend a four year college is in 2017-18 was $20,770. This price continues to raise as its Deans, Provost, etc., take on

extensive salary increases.

Healthcare Reform

Making healthcare affordable for everyone, by lowering the cost of health care and prescription drugs. The Affordable

Care Act was enacted by President Obama and many Americans were able to be granted access to these plans. However,

we feel that there is so much more that could be done. Other countries, such as Continent of Europe and Canada have Universal

HealthCare and that is something we will further investigate. If other countries can provide unlimited access to healthcare, the United States should be able to as well, and even more effectively.

Racial Injustice

Work with the Federal Attorney General to recharge & prosecute all police officers that kill unarmed men and women

with video proof. Understanding that this is a sensitive issue, as President I will be doing the constituents a disservice by turning a blind eye to the deliberate discard for human life. New protocols would have to be formulated by the DOJ in order to equip the multiple task forces with the ability to invoke better safeguards instead of murder.

Rights for Women

Even though women in America and abroad are becoming more powerful, CEO's, influencer's, etc. There is still a distinct

for the monetary and personal equality in comparison to our counterparts. We live in a nation where a body of governance

ran mostly by men, create laws that decide how women should treat their own body. This has to change now!

Roe vs Wade - Women have the right to make their own decisions regarding their body. Women in America have increasingly become a staple of success. However in legislation, especially in regards to their bodies, many of the bills

are formulated to take their rights away. There should be an even field in terms of pharamaceutical cost, procedures,

health insurance, income from employment, and much more.

Prison Reform & Inmate Rehabilitation

Provide High School Diplomas, College credits and degrees, trade and counseling. Prisons in America are nothing like

prisons in other countries. Here in America, prisons are treated with such a bad stigma that only creates room for recidivism,

allowing more money to be funneled in. It's a vicious cycle, and ultimately continues to breakdown the family structure and

create poverty with no true solution of being rehabilitated. There are actual prisoners that truly want to make a

difference in society and they can't do that effectively when there is such a bad stigma for ex-felons.

Economy/Jobs/Labor unions and workers rights

Work with Corporations and all businesses to offer tax credits to hire Ex-Felons and welfare recipients. Also, ensuring that

Right to Work is prominent, labor unions are also used more within the states, thus offering more jobs for individuals who

live in a state where major work is being done. Workers are to be assured that they will have safe and condusive work

environments that promote safety. The DIFS will ensure that Workers Compensation carrier do thorough Risk

Management Controls in order to assure this.

Ending Poverty

Offer each United States citizen a stimulus package, for those that will qualify. Poverty is plaguing this country and it is

up to us to formulate plans that will offer assistance to the consituents and offer them means to pursue finances.