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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Country
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Charleta is currently running for President, to actually make a

difference in people’s lives right now! Serving the Citizens of the

United States with Love, Respect and Fairness should be paramount

to any person becoming the leader of the Free World.



Charleta McInnis is a native Detroiter, single parent, raising three

children and two legal guardianships. She attended Detroit

Public Schools and graduated from Osborn High School. Through

perseverance and determination, she continued her education,

receiving a Bachelor's Degree in 1998 in Accounting from Detroit College

of Business, now Davenport University. However, she didn’t stop there!

In 2009, Charleta McInnis received a Master's Degree in Business

Administration from the University of Phoenix. Aside from academia,

she is a licensed Real Estate Agent, and entrepreneur as an

Accountant and tax preparer.

Charleta has also spent time in the political realm behind the scenes as a former Precinct Delegate. She even spent time as the

Second Deputy Fire Commissioner. Today, Charleta continues to

serve as a City of Detroit Employee while being engaged throughout

her community and those closest to her.  Additionally, she is a licensed Real Estate Agent and entrepreneur, as an Accountant and tax preparer.


Charleta also holds several memberships that include: The National

Association of Accountants, NAACP, Michigan Democrats, National and

Detroit Association of Realtors, The International Association of

Women, Western Wayne Oakland County Association of Realtors, DAR Optimist Club and is an active member of the Oakland Avenue Missionary Baptist Church. Charleta was also a former member of (SAAA) Senior Accountants, Analysts and Appraisers Association and (ATPE) Association of Professional and Technical Employees unions.

Fighting for

a betterAmerica



CHARLETA MCINNIS FOR ALL OF US is about granting the constituents that voice, modes of inclusion, and breaking down barriers, to build bridges. Americans should NOT live in fear, or be tossed aside and left in solitude. When we come together as one, we can rise above all else in this great country. We live in a country where 99% of its citizens make just enough means to provide, where the 1% benefits tremendously. There are so many Americans that have been forgotten, discounted, and unaided.  This is unacceptable given we are the strongest country in the world.


She saw first-hand, the residual effects of the Detroit riots and how greatly they impacted the neighborhoods where her parents lived. Detroiters and many Americans alike, are faced with economic struggles every single day. In order for us as a nation to be stronger, we must give our constituents the necessary tools to flourish in today's environment.


CHARLETA values, policies, and her visions are attainable and necessary to guarantee that America’s future is better than its past. We need to ensure that every American has the future to live a life that is not detrimental to the livelihood of their families. She wants the United States to be a nation that flourishes and where all people are treated equal; where racial justice is a reality and not a dream; where we’ve put an end to systematic segregation;  where everyone has affordable and effective healthcare; where we continue combatting climate change and global warming; and where the 99% of the Americans has the chance to no longer feel like second class citizens. Americans should be able to find purpose and comfort in a country - their country - that wants them to thrive and do the unimaginable.


Charleta is Fighting for a better America by, Building a stronger

economy for everyone. She knows the struggles that many

Americans face daily, in order to provide for themselves

and their families. Throughout her life, there were situations where

she had to rely on the government to put food on her families table.

Far too many Americans know this narrative all too well.

It will become the mission to combat starvation and homelessness

throughout our nation. If that means creating more jobs, education,

trades, etc., this is what MUST be done in order to make a more

perfect UNION.


With the help from you, the constituents, the people, the backbone

of our nation, let us ALL make this a reality and elect Charleta McInnis

as your President of the United States.


God Bless you all and God Bless America.

Charleta McInnis


This is what drives our campaign. The Char 2020 Campaign refuses to take any corporate PAC's. Give what you can and help us on our way to the White House. We fight together!

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